Age is Just a Number

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Have you ever noticed that upon retirement, some people appear to be age visible, while those who continue to work seems to remain physically and mentally than their years?

For many, reaching retirement age heralds a chance to put their feet up and take things easy. While this might appear a just reward this for years spent nose to the grindstone, is it really all that it's cracked up to be? The simple answer is a resounding NO! For those fortunate enough not to require the ongoing income should beware. Physical and mental inactivity can lead to a loss of physical and mental ability.

This is the time to embark upon a 2nd career, be it for financial or personal reward. The increasing elderly population can and must continue to contribute to society. We now know that the normal ageing process can be completely modified by small changes in life style which would not only cut health and care costs enormously, but also give the individual a new lease of life and extend working lives by up to 20 years and thus reduce pension costs, and hopefully increase our economic growth rate.

In 2006, 10% (or 673 million people) of world population was over 60. By 2050, 21% (or about 2 billion) of world population will be aged 60+. That's a five-fold increase! We can hardly cope now. We will certainly be not able to cope in future unless we can change our life style and the way we age.

So, Age is just a number!

In my Book “Age is Just a Number” I clearly explained that's the truth our of life in term of aging that we're not getting younger but this shouldn't be a sort of embarrassment because it's just shows that number of years we've been on the earth and time passed exactly the same for all of us. Just the major difference occur between the number of candles on our birthday cake and how we actually feel.

Often the age of possible retirement is when you categorize as a ‘senior citizen' but in some cases, people choose to retire earlier but the question is that does this make feel over the hill or they stay active? The simple and easiest answer is just a big NO! because it's the not mind but your physical health that keep you active throughout the life.

You can continue to build muscle mass which is entirely beneficial for your physical health and sense of getting fit keep you motivated and pleasure in path of feeling good. If my experience of life helped to enlighten you then it would be another moment of rebirth for you!

Having lived for more than half of century, I raised a family and seen them growing up. Now you've reach at the age when you feel you've paused for breath but in reality it's the time that comes in a long way and seize opportunity then the best is yet to come. Lack of physical activity worths nothing but the loss of muscle mass for you that increases by 3 to 5 percent each decade and at the age 60+, you can expect the loss for about 15 percent of total muscle so this time is not to stop but to get ready for build muscle mass.

The earlier you'll recognize and take the necessary steps to rebuild the muscle, the faster you'll be able to enjoy the quality of your life.

It's often said that an old car need good-drive to to eliminate the sort of carbon that build-up because of engine. In my views, same rule apply for human body as well. So, don't compare yourself with youngers since it would be the best opportunity and time for you to shine again.

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