Foligen Review – Support Your Hair Growth Today

Foligen Review – Support Your Hair Growth Today
Foligen Review – Support Your Hair Growth Today

Foligen is advanced and healthy hair growth supplement which help men of any age to regrow their loss hairs and look perfectly young by having hairs.

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Update - 2018.04.25The hair supplement Foligen has recently announced that they are rebranding to Folexin.

Are you facing hair loss problem and looking for a perfect solution?

Hair fall is common problem these days mainly because of physical stress, deficiency of vitamin A, lack of proteins, hereditary, emotional pressure, anemia, slow activity of thyroid gland, shortage of vitamin D, weaker immune system, sudden weight loss, hormone imbalance, drugs, impulse control disorder, aging and polycystic ovary disease.

There are many hair loss supplements available in the market and here Foligen is one of them. We've deeply mannered its ingredients, benefits, side effects and details. Additionally, we've calculated hundreds of customers' reviews and comments related to Foligen then we summarize it into Foligen review.

By the end of Foligen review, you'll know about everything that you want to know about Foligen and will be able to make an appropriate decision whether this product suits you or not.

Let's get started…

Foligen Review

Foligen is advanced and healthy hair growth supplement which help men of any age to regrow their loss hair and look perfectly young by having hair. Foligen stores the natural health of hair by providing them essential vitamins like vitamin B7 and folic acid.

The active ingredients give strength to hair by stimulating the cortex, secure hair from environmental effects and sun damage.

The product is well famed and tested clinically, applauded by WebMD and Dr. Oz.  The cultivated formula is 100% safe and effective. In addition to the hair health, it guaranteed to give skin and nails also a beautiful and triumphant impact. The biotin present in it has a major role in absorbing water in internal systems. The vitamins fortify new cell growth and regeneration of dead cells.

It's the best natural way instead of doing surgeries or hair transplant. The biotin is responsible for providing sufficient oxygen to the hair follicles which become the reason of hair health.

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Foligen Ingredients

Foligen comprises of following healthy supplements:


Biotin also called as vitamin H or vitamin B7 is water soluble which converts the nutrients of the body to energy. It improves the growth of hair, nails smoothness and skin perfection. Biotin contains keratin which maintains body's infrastructure. In 2012 a test conducted by giving half of the women placebo and half women biotin protein. After 90 days it was seen that women who had given biotin actually had a significant amount of hair growth.

Biotin is naturally present in foods like egg, nuts, almonds, peanuts, whole grains, bananas, soybeans, legumes, cauliflower, mushrooms and fish. It supports healthy metabolism converts glucose to carbohydrates into energy. It helps amino acids to support normal body functions, lowers blood sugar, decreases bad LDL cholesterol levels, stimulates cognitive function and lessens inflammation.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a synthetic version of folate which improves the function of cells and tissues. The folate helps in the synthesis of red blood cells and DNA. The acid stimulates hair growth, saves from grey hair and anemia. The folic acid avoids premature hair growth and improves hair cell production.

Vitamin B6

It ensures to give thickest and longest shiny hair.

Vitamin B5

It stimulates the functioning of adrenal glands to promote hair growth.

Vitamin A

It produces sebum on the scalp and antioxidant present in it saves hair from becoming dry and rough.

Vitamin B12

It restores iron and hemoglobin level to hair cells.

Vitamin D3

They increase the number of follicles and improve hair growth.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is much effective for retaining the strength of hair.

Vitamin B1

This thickens fibers and enhances the elasticity of cortex without damaging.

Vitamin E

It's an antioxidant which rebuilds tissues and repair follicles by increasing hair growth.

Calcium Carbonate

This enhances the hair growth and lessens hair loss.

Magnesium Oxide

It's a hair growth activator and cannot avert baldness.

Potassium Gluconate

This mineral is necessary to avoid hair loss.

Iron Ferrous Fumarate

Iron is required to avoid the thinning of hair. They increase the red blood cells and oxygen level.

Zinc Oxide

It maintains the protein structure of hair follicles.

Manganese Chelate

It's a trace element present in the body which saves the body from free radicals effect and boosts the body's function by its antioxidant properties.

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Foligen Side effects

Foligen gives no side effects to body but there are some limitations as well

  • For good results, users should take them regularly as prescribed.
  • Always drink plenty of water cause water is necessary for proper body's functioning.
  • Stop using it if you have a sensitive body or allergic effects.
  • For patients, the company recommends not to use it.
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Scam or Legit?

The product is clinically tested or well researched and its ingredients have found to be totally beneficial for customers. The product is entirely legit and no scam at all.

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Foligen guarantees to give the following advantages to the body:

  • Promotes the hair growth
  • Avoid the hair loss by strengthening the follicles.
  • Enhance the flexibility of cortex.
  • Give health to skin and nails other than hair.
  • Secure the hair from sun damage and free radicals damage.
  • Boost the metabolism.
  • Enhance the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin
  • Compose of biotin which is good enough for pregnant women.
  • Available in a discount offer.
  • Compose of all the trace elements and natural minerals.
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Foligen has no harmful effects on the body as it has Biotin and Folic acid which are all healthy and safe.

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Customers Review – Testimonials

Before making any decision we always recommend people to look other's views or suggestions related to Foligen

Foligen proved very beneficial for me it increased my hair length in just 3 months so quickly that I cant believe these are my personal hair.  Folic acid work wonders and its totally a replacement of folic acid it gave outstanding results. In addition to that very pretty shine came in my hair after using it. Definitely I'll like to endorse other people to try it and see its results by themselves.
David, MI
I was suffering my hair loss at very young age of 30 but its hereditary as my father suffered it same. On consulation of physician I decided to make a mind for hair transplant but my friend asked me have you ever tried some supplement. As I said no he advised me to use some then do transplant if I would not get satisfied. From the group I came to know about Foligen and now I'm using it from previous one month and observed that my hair have come from roots very little. Now the growth the increasing much. I'll love to share my before and after pictures after full hair growth.
Behlum, TX
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Pricing & Discounts – Where to Buy Foligen

You can order Foligen directly from the official website. The prices are as follows:

  • 1 bottle for $24.95 having 60 tablets
  • 4 bottles plus 1 free for $89.90 having 300 tablets
  • 2 bottles for $44.96 having 120 tablets

Coupons Code – Special Discount of Foligen

We partnered with them to offer the best deal to get the Foligen at less prices than real prices.


Foligen is advanced and healthy hair growth supplement which help men of any age to regrow their loss hair and look perfectly young by having hair.

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How to Use Foligen

The manufacturers advised taking one capsule with plenty of water in the morning and one capsule with sufficient amount of water in the evening.

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Foligen is hair growth formula for men available in US and UK. The supplement promises to give hair with thickness and health. It contains natural and fruitful ingredients mainly are folic acid and biotin.

The supplement promotes hair growth by stimulating the epigenetic factors genetic problems, by normalizing the DHT hormone levels in the case of hormonal imbalance and eliminate free radicals in due to environmental effects. However, you can also use Ultra FX 10 as it gives wonderful results with no side effects at all.

It has no side effects at all and it totally safe to use if one follows the proper usage procedure.

The cost is quite affordable and it's available in different discount bottles. For optimal result, we recommend to use it for 6 weeks at least.

It works wonder by promoting hair growth through the anagen, catagen and telogen hair growth phases.

Everything you need to know about this product has given in Foligen review.

If you've any question in your mind then feel free to ask or if you've experience of using this product then must share your unbiased reviews.

8.2 Total Score

This product is highly recommended! This is one of the great hair growth product we've ever reviewed. This product has great results and positive customers reviews. You can use our exclusive coupon to get a special discount on your qualified purchases.

  • Promotes the hair growth
  • Avoid the hair loss by strengthening the follicles
  • Enhance the flexibility of cortex
  • Compose of all the trace elements and natural minerals
  • Available in discount offer
  • Not Available in Local Stores
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