Is Dwayne Johnson (The ROCK) On Steroids?

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Legal Disclaimer:We don't have access to his diet plan, medical report neither we know him personally or any proof of using steroids. This article is truly based on our research and things that we know about how steroids work and what are the results. In the light of clues, we found whether Dwayne is a potential user of steroids or not?

Former WWE superstar and celebrity Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a source of inspiration for many novices and young hungry up in the wrestling and acting industry.

Some people believe Dwayne Johnson got a big look by his genes because his father Rocky Johnson was a wrestler with a massive body like a beast in his days. Moreover, his grandfather (mother's father) Peter Maivia was also a Samoan wrestler and now a member of WWE hall of fame. Belonging to a wrestling family, it's probably not wrong to say that his body was destined for this through hard work.

But is it the whole story? What about steroids?

In the world of wrestling and bodybuilding, the use of anabolic steroids is common due to its illegal availability in the underground black market and probably Dwayne Johnson used them to gain strength and mass on his body at any point of his life.

Facts and rumor about his muscular body, reduced fat and defined physique arise questions in mind of many people whether he used steroids or is it just because of his genetics (accompanied by hard work)? So, I researched everything regarding Dwayne enticing physique and perfect muscle definition to give you the bottom line.

Let's uncover facts…

Who is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

Dwayne Johnson well-known as “The Rock” (his ring name) to the world. If you're a big fan of wrestling, you probably heard about him hundred times on the TV because he is one of the most powerful and successful wrestlers of all the times.

He is a former WWE/WWF champion just like Jon Cena and Brock Lesnar and has won many titles (8 times) in his wrestling career. He also won many competitions in his life which include WCW/World champion (2times), WWF Intercontinental Champion (2 times) and WWF Tag Team champion (5 times). His other awards include Mr. Olympia ICON award and NCAA National Championship award in football.

His other famous names are Barhama Bull and The Rocky Maivia

He also enjoyed tremendous fame as a well known and highly rated Superstar in Hollywood. He has secured a top position as an action hero is the Hollywood due to his Beast look. He also appeared in many blockbuster movies such as Fast and the Furious Franchise, Pain and Gain, Hercules, Scorpion King etc

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Early Life of Rock

Johnson born in a wrestling family on May 2, 1972. So, wrestling and bodybuilding were in his blood by birth. His father, Rocky Johnson, was a famous wrestler and the first Black wrestler who won the Tag Team Champion belt. Rocky's mother was the daughter of famous Samoan wrestler named Peter Maivia.

In his early age, he traveled to different countries because of migrations of his father to multiple countries, living a life of wrestler's son. And during the early ages of his life, his family was suffering from financial crises and they had to leave their house.

At School, he was interested in football and was trained for his school football team, at that time he was 6'5 tall and 240 pounds heavy naturally. He was serious about his football career and wanted to be a professional footballer. He made his place in Miami Hurricanes, but unfortunately, he got an injury and could not play and this broke his heart.

When things didn't work he asked his father to teach him wrestling. Johnson was so determined and he proved himself to his father. And finally, his wrestling career started when he was signed to WWE also known as WWF later.

In an interview with Fortune, Johnson admitted that he used steroids once to look big as a football player when he was 18 or 19 without knowing what he was doing. However, he also claimed that he didn't like them and never touched them since then.

John might use steroids but he didn't want to set a bad example for young people around the world as steroids are illegal and cause severe side effects.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson confessed about taking steroids…..


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Dwyane Johnson's Transformation

Back in his wrestling career (2002) he worked hard on reducing fats and became leaner for some year without bulking up further. But after some years, he bulked up and gained an impressive amount of quality mass (without adding fat into his body). This made him look more vascular, huge and ripped now than ever before like he was in the early days of his wrestling career on TV.

Normally, as we get older, testosterone level decreases and it becomes hard to maintain the vascular look. Despite his older age, he is still a beast in bodybuilding edge and by looking at his body, someone can easily notice that not only his muscles have grown but also his head has become larger in size and shape.

Moreover, the overall look of The Rock is more synthetic now as compared to before which seems to be a clear indication of using anabolic steroids with exclusive workout regimen!

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Flushed Skin

Did you ever notice that Dwayne looks darker now as compared to 2o years ago of his wrestling career?

This darker shade is not because that he actually got this, but it points to the elevated body temperature which may be due to steroids use high in test rating. Usually, high body temperature gives a red/pink look to the white people but black (or Samoan just like Dwayne) people appear to be few shades darker.

So, do the use of steroids linked to high body temperature and dark skin?

Normally, use of steroids increases testosterone levels in your body which cause high blood pressure and an increase in testosterone level which in turn increases the bad cholesterol level (LDL). As a consequence, blood pressure spikes which often leads to elevated body temperature and makes your body look darker, just to prevent the internal organs from heating up unnecessarily.

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Huge Traps

Looking at Dwayne's body, you might notice that his trapezius region is highly dominant because of his bigger and overdeveloped traps. Being a juicer, he has a high number of androgen receptors in this area which caused huge growth of muscles group in the trapezius and made him look bulky and powerful as a game hero.

If you're on a steroid cycle, your trapezius muscles group will blow up more rapidly than any other muscle group and results will be more prominent with steroids high in androgen rating.

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Gyno Surgery

If you got a chance to see Dwayne during 1999 in the wrestle mania, you might notice that The Rock used to cover his body more rather than wearing trunks, elbow pads and knee pads. The reason for such outfit was that he was undergoing gyno surgery to remove extra fat around his nipples.

Gynecomastia is a well-known side effect of using anabolic steroids. However, there would be many other reasons for gynecomastia. If you're facing gyno problem then you must try Crazybulk Gynectrol to get rid of man boobs fast.

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Is Dwayne Johnson On steroids?

Based on the facts mentioned above, it seems like Dwayne takes steroids.

Dwayne also admitted that he was on steroids for 2 weeks back in his late teens. However, he also claimed that he never touched them after that, which is hard to believe after seeing his transformation and physique.

Now, let's talk about possible steroids/hormones that Dwayne may have used.

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The Rock Steriods Stack

Being a wrestler and in-demand actor the primary concern of Johnson was to look BIG and perfect for his roles in the movies. For this reason, the possible stack that might be utilized by Dwayne:

  • Testosterone
  • Human Growth Hormone

Steroids are common in the wrestling industry and are used by professionals to become a powerful beast in the ring to make feel their competitor that he is dwarf in front of them. There are higher chances that Dwayne used testosterone steroid in his wrestling days to help him become powerful and look big. Also, Dwayne's huge traps favor the use of Testosterone.

After saying goodbye to his wrestling career, he was more focused on bodybuilding to gain a big size. However, his size is not as huge that it was before and in fact, his body is more ripped now with less body fat.

Dwayne has surely used HGH to gain muscles and fat burn simultaneously. His increased head size supports the use of human growth hormone.

A common side effect of HGH abuse is HGH Gut (enlarged belly) but some people say that The Rock didn't use HGH because he was not suffering from the enlarged belly. However, the main reason for this weird look is the combination of insulin with GH hormone. The effect was seen in some well-known bodybuilders named Ronnie Coleman and Kai Greene. Yet, Chul Soon (bodybuilder) who managed not to face this side effect while using GH hormone.

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CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack

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In addition to that, Johnson probably used these steroids for bulking and looking bigger:

Dianabol is one of the best steroids around the globe for increasing muscle mass and strength just like testosterone. However, the main difference is that it is more effective for muscle building but it can cause water retention (and many other side effects).

Dwayne's traps and shoulders are highly big in proportion to his remaining muscle groups. This kind of look points that he might use Trenbolone at some point in his life. These areas have a large number of androgen receptors, and Trenbolone causes significant growth in these muscles due to its androgen nature. However, Dwayne didn't take a high dose of tren because if he had done this, his shoulders should be bigger in size and huge deltoids.

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In addition to this, The Rock's muscles are not only big but smooth as well, which is not the sign of the Tren use. Trenbolone works as a diuretic and flushes out loads of water from the body leaving behind dry muscles.

However, Dwayne's body is not as dry as much, and a good amount of water in his body points to the use of some other AAS.

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Being a star, people around the world desire to be like him and follow his lifestyle. Based on our knowledge about steroids and their effects, it is hard to believe that Dwayne didn't use steroids at all.

Using steroids may give you the enticing results but they won't last long and may result in severe side effects. In fact, the use of steroids is illegal in many countries so this not only forces you to commit a potential crime but also keeps your health at risk which you won't like at all.

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Fitness Expert, Entrepreneur
Martin Floate is a Fitness Expert which help other individuals to make their way to goodness. He believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through his written skills, engages with audiences of different demographics for a better understanding of mankind.
Martin Floate Administrator
Fitness Expert, Entrepreneur
Martin Floate is a Fitness Expert which help other individuals to make their way to goodness. He believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through his written skills, engages with audiences of different demographics for a better understanding of mankind.
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