Charles Eugster – Health & Wellness Scholarship

Update - 2018.09.15Dermovay has changed its name to Charles Eugster so don't be confuse, you can still submit your application.

Scholarships are believed to be most important part of the educational career of a student. Whether you want to reduce your College/University dues or wanted to score a financial aid, Scholarships are just for that purpose. Here at Charles Eusgter we focus on health, wellness and helping others to improve their lifestyle to spend a healthier life and this is our aim.

Just like our website visitors, we understand that every student has a different story of their life and winning a valuable scholarship is the dream of almost every student. Team Charles Eusgter decided to support leaders of tomorrow (of course you!) Because believe that you've got the power to change the future of the world.

We have openly announced the Scholarship Program for all the students living in the United States to help you take a bit out of cost.

About Scholarship Program (2018-2019)

This year, for this first time we're launching a Scholastic Competition of $1000. We will be awarding $1000 to 1 winner only who will write a unique and well-researched essay on any of the topics including diet, fitness and weight loss. We believe that this competition will encourage students to show their ability in the field of health and wellness. Our honest reviews about different keto, health and Ultra Omega Burn improved the lives of so many people.

Scholarship Program Rules & Eligibility Requirements

Following are the rules and eligibility requirements for participation in the Scholarship Program.

This competition is limited to students living in the United States. Any application from any other country will be rejected without any notice.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old in order to join the competition.

There is no entrance fee required to join the competition.

Essay should be between 900-1200 words.

We'll not be responsible for any application, not received due to any issue.

Keep that in mind that only one winner will be chosen among the valid applications.

The winner will be informed by the given email in the application within 30 days after the selection. In case, the winner will not claim the award within 14 days then it will be awarded to the replacement winner.

Make sure you provide all the valid information in your application and essay other we have rights to reject your application without any notice.

Must provide an image of your headshot.

The winner can't submit its provided material to any other 3rd party website.

Entrance into the Scholarship Program will be considered only if you're agreed to given rules and eligibility requirements.

Application Submission Deadline

The late for the submission of application is 31st December (every year). The winner will be announced on or before 31 January (every year) and the winner will be issued on the same page.

Where to Submit Your Scholarship Program Application?

Each application must submit their application using this Enrollment form. For any further query, contact us here at

Charles Eugster