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The use of steroids is most common among athletes and bodybuilders to get a sharp edge body with the lean muscles and to burn the fat. Trenavar is a well-known steroid which is used during the cutting cycle to build the muscles and repair them. It entertains the body with a large number of benefits but when you stop using it or commonly after the completion of its cycle then it begins to give negative effects to the body that makes it an unsuitable choice when you want to achieve long term bodybuilding results.

However, the best part is that there are best natural alternative of Trenavar available in the market which gives you the same positive effects as Trenavar does in bodybuilding with no side effects at all.

In this article. I'm discussing the actions of Trenavar and natural supplements on the body. By reading this article you'll be able to distinguish by yourself which product is right for you.

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Trenavar was released in the market by two supplement companies PHF supplements based in Mandeville, Louisiana and Innovative Body Enhancement Supplements (IBE) in San Bernardino, California.

Trenavar is a prohormone which first came into the market in 2012. It is not the steroid so it's a legal prohormone which was sold until 2015 then it was stopped on the ban of prohormones.

It's the combination of Trenbolone and Anavar which contains the same double bond as the Trenbolone but the only difference is that Trenavar has 17 ketones instead of 17 b-hydroxy functions. It hydrolyzes into trenbolone when enters into the body.

It is also called as Trendione which is 10 times more androgenic than testosterone. It targets the 17-b HSD1 to create the active steroid Trenbolone in the body. It has androgenic properties that contain three ingredients that are 20mg Estra- 4, 9, 11-triene-3, 17-dione.

Because of the three double bonds, Trenavar fits into the androgenic receptor and progesterone which makes it more effective. However, It is 10 times more androgenic than testosterone.

It is commonly used during the cutting cycle to decrease the belly fat, reduce bloating, lowering the stress hormone cortisol and enhance the vascularity. It usually intakes in the oral form while the Trenbolone is taken in the injection form.

It is also used for veterinary purposes to increase the weight of the cattle before they were sent to slaughter. This compound is so powerful in the transformation of the body that it guarantees to give results only within 7 to 10 days of use. But it had the negative side effect on the body as well as it reduces the stamina of the body to carry out the exercises.

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How Does Trenavar Work?

Trenavar is a very unique prohormone as it has 3 conjugated double bonds and a 17 ketone which is responsible for its conversion into Trenbolone. It has the ability to bind with the hydrogen inside the system and when this binding takes place trenbolone gets active. It has structural similarity with the weaker dienolone and works by targeting the 17b-HSD1.

Trenavar clones basically convert into the dienolone in the end result which is much weaker compound. Due to its greater androgenic properties, it is 10 times more beneficial than testosterone however it is somewhat costly than testosterone.

It has greater benefits as it increases the vascularity of the body. It is used in the bodybuilding forum both in contest prep as well as off-season. It helps to pack on greater mass on the body when you follow it with a low-calorie diet.

However, it has no concern with the estrogen cycle as it triggers only the trenbolone cycle in the body. So its necessary to take the Post Cycle Therapy after using this prohormone to avoid the side effects.

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Trenavar Cycle

Due to its higher potency, Trenavar should not be taken more than 30 days as 4 weeks are enough for the cutting cycle. Trenavar is a non-methylated prohormone due to which it becomes necessary to take the cautionary steps like you should check the blood pressure regularly. It decreases the thyroid levels which raise the prolactin production in the body.

This increased prolactin production gives rise to sensitivity and puffiness, to avoid this you should take prolactin inhibitor with it. It is usually stacked with other drugs like Primobolan, Testosterone, Equipoise, Epistane and Deca Durabolin. To avoid the harsh effects of this prohormone, the dosage must be used as recommended.

For beginners, 10 to 20mg per day is enough and for bodybuilders 30 to 40mg per day is sufficient to meet the goals. As there are higher chances of liver issues and hypertension you must take the post cycle therapy.

It disrupts the hormone level of the body so it becomes crucial to bring them to the normal levels. PCT controls the production of estrogen and increases the production of testosterone. Estrogen is responsible for the negative effects. Testosterone decreases the fats in the body, maintain the lean muscles and strengthen the stamina of the body.

If you don't do PCT  after using Trenavar then there are higher chances of gynecomastia, depression and loss of sex secretion.

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Trenavar Results

The users have reported it gives a gain in the mass, increase in the vascularity and the greater pumps in the gym. Trenavar is so anabolic as it works like the weapon in pushing the body towards the state of lean muscles. However, it is bad for cardio as it decreases the strength of the body.

It gives no estrogenic side effects at all so you don't face the water retention. So overall Trenavar is the prohormone that has increased fame because of its shorter cycles.

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Trenavar Side-Effects

Apart from the benefits, it is also involved in giving the side effects to the body. The possible side effects are:


The conversion of prohormone to trenbolone occurs in the liver because their necessary enzymes are present for its conversion. As this prohormone remains in the liver for almost 4 weeks so there are greater chances of liver damage.

As the metabolic breakdown, filtration, detoxification of blood and vitamin storage happens which give rise to liver and kidney damage. You should avoid alcohol to get some relief from the stress during the cycle.


It initiates the process of metabolism, elevates the body temperature and lowers the water levels of the body. To avoid such effects you should increase your water intake. Because of dehydration, there are higher chances of

  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia and fatigue
  • Soreness
  • Headaches
  • Higher thyroid levels
  • Higher prolactin levels

The decrease in the blood sugar levels

As its totally anabolic so all the carbs convert to the energy of the muscle fibers. A drop in blood sugar levels occurs which makes it difficult to do cardio. To avoid this you can take the sugar tablets as there are higher chances of sweating, dizziness and nausea.

High Blood Pressure

As the testosterone levels elevate in the body so the body will automatically increase its estrogen levels to do the balance. Higher estrogen levels increase the fluid and electrolyte retention which give rise to an increase in the blood pressure of the body.

Hair Loss

It gives rise to hair issues as the testosterone converts into Dihydrotestosterone. DHT makes the hair roots fragile and your scalp becomes dry to produce enough hairs on the skin.

Increase the Prolactin

It enhances the formation of Prolactin which usually leads to puffiness, sensitivity and lactation in the nipple area. You should add prolactin inhibitor like Inhibit-P by SNS or Prolactrone by Black Lion Research.

Reduces the thyroid levels

Trenavar generally leads to the reduction in the thyroid levels of the body.

Bad Cholesterol

After the completion of the cycle, it increases the bad cholesterol LDL and decreases the good cholesterol HDL. So there are higher chances of heart stroke.

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Trenavar Alternatives – Our Recommendation

The Crazy bulk company has introduced in the market a natural replacement of Trenavar. As Trenavar is a steroid pro hormone which leads to more dangerous effects in the body as compared to benefits. So you should go with the natural supplements to avoid the negative effects. The natural alternatives are:


Trenorol is the natural replacement of Trenavar which helps to get the awesome androgenic effects of Trenbolone. It increases the nitrogen retention of the muscles thus make more proteins for muscles. There will be more muscle mass as the protein levels support their production. It increases the red blood cells production thus more oxygen molecules will come to support the muscles during workouts.

The increase in the red blood cells will increase the vascularity of the body. Trenorol helps to reduce the fatigue after workouts which in case of Trenavar usually remains. It helps to burn the fat fast while preserving the muscle tissues.

It also has more health benefits as it absorbs important nutrient from the food and keeps it in the body. It is very advantageous in the bodybuilding forum where it helps to do lifting, endurance for longer workouts and building the muscles.

It entertains the body with super strength and stamina without giving any side effect. As it is made of all the natural ingredients so there's no chance of side effect. It builds the muscles and improves the physical conditions of the body which Trenavar can't do.

Crazy Bulk Trenorol Review – High Quality Muscle Supplement

Are you searching for a supplement which will help build muscle and cut excess fat by using Trenorol? As we all ...


Bulking Stack

The bulking stack contains natural alternatives of Trenavar which help to build the muscles faster and in a safe way. The bulking stack comprises of the following products:

  • D-Bal
  • Testo Max
  • Deca Duro
  • Trenorol
  • Free Bulking Guide

The bulking stack generally builds muscles 2 to 3 times faster than usual routines. These premium legal supplements bulk up the muscle size as they increase the nitrogen retention and improve muscle growth.

They elevate the strength levels of the body thus you can do longer workouts in the gym. As it boosts the testosterone levels so the muscle building process gets faster. The supplements of bulking stack accelerate the fat burning process without the loss of muscles.

This stack helps to get the desired body with zero side effects. The only condition is that you should take 30 days regularly to see the noticeable results.

CrazyBulk Bulking Stack
CrazyBulk Bulking Stack

Bulking Stack consist of a combination of 4 powerful supplements to boost your stamina and decrease your recovery time which further aids your muscle growth.

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Trenavar is the prohormone which is somewhat hazardous for health issues like cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, liver toxicity and much more. No doubt it helps the body to gain the muscle mass and improves the endurance. It is used during the cutting cycle to maintain the lean muscles.

Due to greater side effects, we recommend to use the Trenorol and bulking stack of Crazy bulk which contains only powerful natural ingredients. They give the same functions with no side effect. Apart from that, they keep the blood pressure maintained and sugar levels of the body to normal level. They keep the hormones at balance and safe the body organs from damage.

Their 30 days use ensures to give a good looking sexy body without the loss of muscles. These supplements are entirely beneficial for the health so they should be used for bodybuilding forums.

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Martin Floate Administrator
Fitness Expert, Entrepreneur
Martin Floate is a Fitness Expert which help other individuals to make their way to goodness. He believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through his written skills, engages with audiences of different demographics for a better understanding of mankind.
Martin Floate Administrator
Fitness Expert, Entrepreneur
Martin Floate is a Fitness Expert which help other individuals to make their way to goodness. He believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through his written skills, engages with audiences of different demographics for a better understanding of mankind.
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